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About Mel Howse

Mel Howse is a British glass artist whose portfolio comprises installed public art, and one-off fine art pieces for interiors. Her designs utilize contemporary industrial materials such as toughened glass and enamelled steel, materials that can be applied to an architectural context.

Mel has over 20 years' professional experience of designing, producing, working with others, and installing highly individual art. Essential to the background of her work is her practice of making art within industrial environments. This has influenced her ideas about working with glass to remain progressive, using every opportunity to innovate within both design and structure. When Mel's designs are made at full scale they are explored and expressed through the materials rather than merely reproduced. 

Mel's portfolio is multifaceted. There is a multiplicity of ideas within her work spanning a number of areas of glass working, at all scales. Connections and comparisons between different areas of the glass field are creatively very useful, enabling her to explore diverse possibilities. This has fueled her developments as designer and adventurous maker, keeping important ideas alive and growing.

Within her work Mel aims to increase peoples' enjoyment of their environment, whether adding individuality or landmark qualities to a building, creating a single focus of contemplation, or augmenting the atmosphere with a creative backdrop.